OpenServo V3


OpenServo 3.0 is the latest version of the OpenServo hardware based on the AVR ATmega168 MCUs. This MCU has 16K of Flash allowing more features to be implemented. This version of the OpenServo also uses independent bridge control and back EMF sensing.

Product Description

We are proud to be arranging for the bulk manufacture of OpenServo v3 boards to make them accessible to the public As they are a surface mount board it can be very time consuming to manufacture for individual hobbyist.

The OpenServo Version 3 is the latest in the OpenServo range. There are many new features, and more on the way.

  • Back EMF speed sensing (see “Back-EMF Motion Feedback” for theory, OpenServo Forums: OpenServo Version 3 for details on how it is implemented in OpenServo V3)
  • Independent H-Bridge allowing for braking
  • Temperature sensor
  • Fast 20MHZ clock speed
  • 400khz I2C/TWI interface
  • The OpenServo platform was designed to run from a NiCad R/C battery pack which generally outputs 6v-7.2v. The standard V3.x OpenServo adapts to any input voltage from 6 VDC to 7.5 VDC. See “Why does the OpenServo need at least 6V to run?” ServoFAQ#line-33; “Why +6V  Instead of +5V” for more information.
  • Output current: can drive servos with up to 15A peak, 3A continuous (the OpenServo limits the current, so it doesn’t hurt if you put it on bigger servos).

For more information, please visit the OpenServo website:

The boards are supplied without firmware loaded.


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